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Mackenna Van Massenhoven

Non Union

Mackenna Van Massenhoven (she/her) is a Canadian singer and actress, born and raised in Ontario. Mackenna discovered her passion for the performing arts at a very young age when she could memorize entire songs at just four years old! 

Mackenna began performing on stage in 2020 and has since been in many productions, such as The Addams Family (London Performing Arts Academy), Frozen Jr (Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy), and Legally Blonde (Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy). Mackenna has done many performances at local restaurants and bars under the alias Mack V. She plays guitar and sings a variety of music genres such as country, classic rock, and folk. Mackenna has dreams of recording her own music and someday performing on world tours, and has been experimenting with writing music of her own. Mackenna is a self-trained performer, and strives to improve her vocal and acting abilities on her own. She enjoys learning different accents and impressions, and someday hopes to be able to showcase that ability on screen or stage. 

When not performing, Mackenna enjoys reading, baking, four wheeling, playing softball and spending time with her friends. She also finds joy in creating posts for her Instagram account using different editing apps. Mackenna uses the posts she creates to advertise her upcoming gigs to her followers. Mackenna is super excited to get herself into the industry, and can’t wait to get started!