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Malea Yarde


Malea (she/her) is a versatile and dedicated dancer who is out of Toronto. Malea has been dancing for about 9 years now, having begun her journey at the age of 12 years old. It’s common that dancers often start their journeys at a much younger age, but this didn’t prevent Malea from embracing and flourishing in her new hobby.

Malea, although having just started her dance journey, immersed herself in dance and in only her second year of dance auditioned for the competitive team at Brooklin Dance Academy and began training in various styles of dance such as ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern, tap, hip hop, and jazz.

When Malea started high school, she began looking for new outlets of dance. Eventually, she auditioned and made it onto her high school dance company. During this time Malea also began to seek training outside of her town and began training in Toronto. She started by taking classes Rightfoot Dance Studios, OIP Dance, and The Underground Dance Centre. Malea also joined Dark Dance Company where she was exposed to new styles like dancehall, street jazz, and capoeira. Throughout her high school years, Malea participated in countless competitions, dance showcases, concept videos and even musicals. Then came university and Malea, after getting accepted to the psychology program at Ryerson University moved to Toronto in hopes of expanding her dance knowledge even further.

During the past 3 years, Malea has been a valued dancer and choreographer on two local teams: Urban Hip Hop Union and The Team. She has also trained with several esteemed choreographers in the GTA such as Amanda May Wilson, JP Deapera, Dela Cruz, Dominic Cooper Clarke, and many more. Malea is passionate about the art of performance, and in the past few years has taken part in many: OUCH, Prelude, R2D, Fever After Dark, and HER creative showcase. Most recently Malea worked on an upcoming Disney movie as the lead actresses stunt double, dance double and stand-in. Booking this job solidified Malea’s dream to be a professional dancer.

What separates Malea from other dancers is her dedication to perfecting her craft, and her ability to connect and learn from others through a variety of dance styles seamlessly. As of today, Malea continues to train regularly and takes pride in staying healthy within the mind, body and soul. Her ultimate goal is to continue working as a professional dancer and to be able to do so internationally.