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Manisha Solomon

Non Union

Manisha Solomon is always seeking adventure and a challenge. Something new is what she craves.

As a youngster, she took to singing and gymnastics. She sang as a soprano in a professional children’s choir and was chosen to represent the province of Ontario at World Expo ’86 in Vancouver, B.C. That was when she realized she was born to travel and never got homesick.

Manisha never thought the direction of her life would bring her to the Film & TV industry. She began working with Christian Potenza and Stephanie Yelovich at the Infinity Forge last year to develop her acting, voice, and performance skills. It is with them that she continues her training.

From Muay Thai to triathlon, from fencing to rowing, Manisha has always been game to adding to her skill set just for the sheer enjoyment. With a 30+ year background in cycling, Manisha can often be found riding on a road or gravel path, down the Escarpment in Niagara, or along a naturalized rail trail.

Life is too short to take things too seriously.