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Marco Aguilar

Non Union

Marco Alejandro Aguilar is an aspiring on screen actor with the need to create and share with the world. His goal as it stands is to be become established in the film world and recognized as a professional entertainer.

Born and raised in Canada his whole life he has seen and done many things, from Skydiving, solo diving, to bungee jumping, even leaving his home town to Los Angeles to acquire on screen experience in the world of film. His need to see the world in all its imperfection. Marco Alejandro Aguilar has always strived to be more than what is expected of him to reach new heights in an industry where the word NO is more prominent than YES, and always moving forward.

“Acting/voice acting is an escape from reality. started out I was in film school, not knowing where my path would lead me, since then I’ve done small projects doing short films and taking workshops. Since then I’ve learned so much about myself and it’s this: I’m willing to do whatever it takes to learn more in this industry.”