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Mariah Rackal


Mariah Rackal, who goes by she/they/him with no specific preference, considers herself like a piece of play-dough, finding meaning in life through exploring various real and whimsical experiences. Discovering acting as an art of fine replication allowed Mariah to indulge in all that life has to offer, including experiences, occupations, and lifestyles beyond their own. Currently enrolled in George Brown College’s Acting for Media program, Mariah has accumulated a diverse range of experiences.

Previously, Mariah attended workshops such as a one-day musical theater intensive with Mirvish, a seven-week film acting intensive with Stacy Smith, and participated in musical and film productions with Yellow Door Theatre Project and Linus Hand Productions. Notable roles include Wednesday Addams in *The Addams Family Musical*, Carols in *Descendants: The Musical*, and Moana in *Moana JR*. Mariah also worked with a Hamilton-based charity producing entertainment for impoverished youth, participating in short web series and live improvisational shows.

Before college, Mariah acted in the video/podcast series “POV:me”, discussing various achievements and cultures. At George Brown College, Mariah has appeared as a principal actor in several student films and in the upcoming production film “Court Jester”. Additionally, Mariah played a role in a live Christmas-themed murder mystery emphasizing improv and cue implementation.

Mariah has developed special skills through professional singing lessons with Tenja Hagenberg and David Dunbar, beginner-level dance training in hip hop and jazz, beginner film/stage combat at George Brown College, and modeling for a small Instagram magazine. Production collaborations include City Kidz Hamilton, Linus Hand Productions, Yellow Door Theatre Project, Shaftesbury Kids, and Bleading-Hearts-Magazine, working closely with directors Trent Scherer, Lezlie Wade, Roxanne Rees, and Clayton Baston.

Reflecting on high school, Mariah experienced a challenging environment in drama class characterized by favoritism and hierarchy, leading to feelings of being a “loner edgy kid” and struggling with imposter syndrome. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 further impacted Mariah’s confidence. However, college brought liberation, where Mariah found a supportive community and began embracing their true self. Mariah believes that whether acting or being themselves, each experience enriches their life journey.