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Marisa Ricci

Non Union

Marisa is an international artist with diverse experience. She works as a freelance performer, choreographer and educator locally in Toronto as well as abroad. She has been seen on tour throughout Portugal, Switzerland, Cross- Canada, Spain, China, Thailand and Italy. As an alumnus of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Dance Program, she has focused on developing her career with a specialization in contemporary and neo-classical dance. Driven by the desire to create visceral experiences, her work embodies a powerful physicality and emotional commitment, whilst preserving technical excellence.
Additionally, Marisa also has interest in dance for the camera, collaborating on various photographic and independent film projects. She also works avidly in the commercial realm as well as in

Selected choreography: “Colony Collapse” – Festival Quartiers Danses ’23 (Montreal and Blumberg Dance’s DaCo ’22, “Paraphyletic” – FAT S/S ’23, “Black Spray” – Renovart Festival by Apulia Aste (Matera) remounted from Museum Colecao Berardo (Lisbon)

Artistic residencies: Metamorphosis (Spain, Portugal, China), Hart Dance and Trip the Light Fantastic (Montreal) Selected performance: Allan Falieri (Brazil) for InLimen (France), Iratxe Ansa (Spain) and Igor Bacovich (Italy) of Metamorphosis Dance – including improvisational encounters at Power Station of Art, Long Museum (Shanghai), Museu Colecao Berardo, Fernanda Pereira for PArtS at Palacio do Visconde (Lisbon) and various film projects by Jonathan Molina Arroyo (Mexico City) – Luca Haseli (Switzerland) of Focus, Grazia Covre (Swiss National Circus), Apolonia and Ofilio of Gadfly, ACE Dance Theatre, David Hernandez (Germany), Jeff Dimitriou, Emma Morris, Michael Lavers, Cadence Ballet, and many more.