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Mateo Saint-Phard

Non Union

Meet Mateo, a vivacious 9-year-old with a fascinating blend of Indigenous Haitian and Acadian heritage. Hailing from a culturally rich background, Mateo has carved his niche in the world of competitive Hip Hop, acro, and tumbling. Beyond the dance floor, he wields his intellect, effortlessly conquering the Rubik’s Cube. Mateo is a linguistic virtuoso, seamlessly navigating conversations in both French and English, reflecting his strong bilingualism.

An embodiment of athleticism, he exudes boundless energy and a passion for sports. Mateo is not just a competitor; he is a determined and ambitious young individual, consistently pushing his boundaries.

Despite his impressive skills, Mateo remains a beacon of politeness and cooperation, displaying a balanced and versatile personality that extends far beyond his performances. His journey is a captivating fusion of cultural diversity, physical prowess, and intellectual curiosity, making Mateo a remarkable and inspiring young talent.