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Matthew MacCallum


Matthew MacCallum (he/him) is known for fearlessly embodying creatures and characters by uncovering guts and vulnerability. He has harnessed the uniqueness of his tall, skinny build upon which he layers textures and movements that conspire to communicate the complexities of storytelling on screen.

His inspiration is unearthed from auteurs like Guillermo Del Toro who uses movie monsters to reflect human imperfections, inviting audiences to accept otherness; Del Toro has repeatedly requested Matthew for projects personally, remarking on Matthew’s unique look. Director Johannes Roberts praised Matthew for embracing the source material of an iconic Resident Evil zombie: “[he] was… was… the strangest… he was that zombie. He recreated the moves and it was crazy.” Matthew is decisively dedicated to embracing the undead, having been tapped for various roles in this franchise for more than ten years.

Matthew shines his brighter side through comedic roles, drawing on his past as a stand-up comic, and in that count he embodies the quirky Buck in CBC’s Paris Paris. He keeps his inner child nourished with light and learning, seeking to recall the way his lively Gran fed boyish curiosity as together they discovered the magic of stage performance and the mysteries revealed in backstage tours at the Stratford Festival. Whether it’s embracing stunts on set, working with accent coach Phylis Cohen, animation voice classes with Joanne Boreham, or motion capture training with Pascal Langdale’s MoCap University, he devours new skills and techniques to realize a more dynamic actor in film, television, animation, and video games.

Matthew is the creature of his own dreams, and sometimes, your nightmares.