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Matthew Morales

Non Union

From street dance battles and contemporary projects, to immersive installations and theatrical work, Matthew Morales comfortably shines amongst the mix of creatives he collaborates with. A Toronto-based street dancer, choreographer, educator, and creative director, he is versatile and adaptable in the wide variety of spaces he works in.

Matthew’s exploration of the arts began at the age of three, receiving classical training in violin and cello. He continued pursuing music by training in piano, guitar, and percussion. In conjunction, Matthew also spent his formative years in theatre and musical theatre. Taking on lead roles from elementary through high school, Matthew nurtured his love for acting, music, and ultimately dance.

Through all his creative pursuits, dance became the most natural fit for him. Spending five days a week training in the studio was something Matthew did out of pure enjoyment. With over 14 years of experience, Matthew began as a breakdancer, soon after training in popping, locking, house, waacking, beat ya feet, vogue, jazz funk, ballet, contemporary, and commercial choreography. His passion turned to devotion while training under The Male Initiative, Aybrid, The Industry TO, Monsters Dance Convention (USA), and The Room (Los Angeles). He continues his professional training with mentorship from well renowned dancers and choreographers Leon Blackwood, Chris Clarke, David Forteau, Kai Lin (New York, Los Angeles), Darryl Keith (Los Angeles) and Kolanie Marks (Los Angeles).

Working professionally for the past seven years, he has danced for acts including The Toronto Raptors North Side Crew (‘18-’19 Championship season), The Toronto Argonauts A-Team, and Ceréna at Osheaga 2022. As a choreographer, director, and creative director, he works with singers including Nilo Blues, Pisceze, Ethan Low, and Zyhier. Currently, Matthew choreographs for Outside Looking In (Canada’s largest Indigenous dance festival), teaches weekly at Toronto’s top street dance studios (Studio North, Run The Flex, and Dancelife X), and is a guest dancer this year for Toronto Dance Theatre.