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Max Abonyi

Non Union

Max Abonyi is an “Old Soul” who is so excited to share his gifts and passion with the world! Wise beyond his years and with a heart of gold, he brightens the day of everyone he meets.
Unique in looks and personality, this “Benjamin Button” is 11 years old (but really 75) and lives in Simcoe, Ontario.

Despite his mother owning a dance studio, Max initially refused to dance. Fortunately, he caught the dancing bug at 5 years of age.

Since then, Max has developed a natural love of the stage and the stage loves him! He is a competitive dancer in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary. He has won many accolades in the world of dance, including American Dance Awards First Runner Up Young Male Dancer in Hollywood, Florida in 2018.

Max also trains weekly in piano and singing and can do a MEAN Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire”! Max also loves to read, write stories, play Mario Cart, make You Tube videos, watch old movies with his mom, torment his older sister, and have Nerf Gun wars with friends and his dad.