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Maya Grant

British Equity

Maya (she/her) hails from a small town in South Wales, UK. At age 18, Maya earned a place at the prestigious London drama college, Italia Conti. She left her small town, moved to the big city and threw herself into every aspect of her acting degree. Here she studied film acting, Shakespearean and modern day texts, choral and solo singing, voiceover techniques, stage combat and social dance; all under the watchful eye of highly regarded and published instructors such as Sarah Case (vocal coach), John Gillett (director), Dugald Bruce-Lockhart (director) and Paul Harris (movement director/choreographer).

Maya graduated with Honours at the age of 21 and started auditioning straight away. She would soon book her first professional role as the lead character in the British independent film, Alien Uprising, working alongside film and TV veterans and gaining immeasurable experience. From then on, Maya has worked regularly on British TV dramas and commercials, feeling as much at ease on a film set as she does on stage.

Not one to remain stagnant for long, Maya has travelled extensively, seeking out new experiences and cultures and learning from the people she meets all around the world. This combined love of exploration and acting lead Maya to Vancouver in the summer of 2019. It is here she hopes to further her career and continue telling stories.