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Micah Enzlin

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Micah is a professional dancer from Chatham Ontario, Canada. At the age of 11, Micah began training at a competitive studio after receiving a substantial leg injury with the choice of physiotherapy or dance for recovery. Wanting to try something new, he chose dance which later on would launch him into his career. Growing up in a home surrounded by the arts, the transition was very easy for him. He continued dancing for the next 10 years growing proficient in numerous styles of dance, and receiving vocal training on the side, making him very versatile and adaptive. He has had many opportunities to perform on stage at big name competitions, earning awards and invitations to nationals.

After graduating from the competition scene, Micah moved to Toronto to continue his training at George Brown College in their commercial dance and ballet/modern programs. There he received further technical training as well as education about the business side of the industry, which also brought about the search for an agent. Micah approached Dacosta Talent as his primary choice after hearing about the agency’s reputation, and knowing many successful colleagues also represented by the agency.

Micah has worked consistently during and right out of school, first appearing in a tv commercial for Pepto-Bismol, and then upon graduation, booked a three contract theatre gig with Drayton Entertainment for the Canadian stage premier of Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn. In between, Micah was hired for numerous corporate events and public performances like Anatomy of a Dancer for Toronto’s fringe event which was well received and performed for a second time at Fringe Toronto’s Next Stage event. Most recently Micah got to spend 9 months working as a performer/aerialist on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, which was based out of Shanghai, China; making round trips back and forth to Japan.

Micah currently remains in Toronto, taking class and furthering his training. He would not have come this far if it weren’t for the numerous teachers and mentors encouraging and supporting him on this journey.