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Micah Finkenzeller

Non Union

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Micah (he/him) is kind, charismatic, and outgoing. His wit and fun-loving nature are evident to every person he meets and in every encounter.

Micah has trained in several different activities from sports to martial arts and more. He has played Soccer since the age of 2 and currently plays competitively for the Whitecaps London Soccer Club. Micah also trains in Fusion Jiu-Jistu at Bindner Academy and enjoys learning new techniques. His love for and past training in both gymnastics and hip hop come to light whenever music plays.

At school, Micah’s favourite subjects are Physical Education and Art, and he participates in several school activities. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and video games, as well as spending time with family, friends, and, as an avid animal lover, all dogs that he encounters.