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Michael Crouse

Non Union

Michael Crouse was born and raised in Vancouver BC, after receiving his American Dual Citizenship at a young age, he has been traveling the world pursuing baseball Professionally. From an early age, and all throughout high school, the athletic mechanics of baseball, football, volleyball and track inspired him. Baseball in particular, resonated for his skill set and drive thus leading him to be drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2008.

Along with his athletic credentials, awards and skills, Michael also has a passion for acting that started at a young age after playing Lil’ Romeo’s Stunt Double and since then his credits include Netflix’s “Maid”, CW’s “Charmed”, as well as motion capture “Holland”. Michael has numerous commercial credits including Dairy Queen, Xfinity Cable, and Comcast.

Michael thrives on creating a legacy that brings inspiration to those around him. He is always working to better himself in areas of sports, acting, and coaching so that when he gets opportunities to perform he is always excelling at his best work. This not only creates a professional working environment but it also makes for an enjoyable workplace as well which is ultimately his goal in any setting.