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Michael Manning

Non Union

Michael Manning is a Toronto based actor, director, dramaturge, and playwright. As someone who has always enjoyed wearing many different “hats”, Michael loves working with talented and passionate artists from all disciplines. He is constantly on the lookout for new methods and experiences to add to his creative toolbox and strives to bring something new and uniquely himself to every role.  

Michael is a graduate of George Brown’s Theatre Arts Performance Program. During his training Michael has had countless invaluable experiences working with some of Canada’s leading theatre professionals. Some particular highlights include getting to work with Marie Farsi in the Toronto debut of Erin Shield’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, debuting his first play (Of A Blank Canvas…) in the Toronto Fringe under the direction of Jeannette Lambermont-Morey, and having the opportunity to play the role of Orlando in Aaron Willis’ production of As You Like It. Prior to George Brown, Michael attended the University of Toronto where he was a recipient of the 2017/2018 Dr. David E. Gardener Apprentice Director Program and contributed as an actor, choreographer, writer, and director on multiple award-winning student productions.  

Currently, Michael is working with fellow George Brown alumni as an Associate Director on Mayfair Monday’s cabaret series, and is eagerly looking forward to new experiences and continued growth as he emerges into the Toronto theatre scene. He can’t wait to meet a whole new world of artists and hopes that they learn as much from him as he is sure to learn from them!