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Milana Sayavong


Milana has always been full of life with plenty of spunk to boot. Being an avid traveler even as an infant, taking journeys to multiple countries in Europe and Asia all by the time she hit three months old, the world has been her oyster. Being exposed to the world at a very young age and watching talent shows that focus on variety, such as America’s got Talent and The Voice, has shaped her into having a passion for the arts, including ballet, painting, violin, singing and acting.

Don’t be fooled by her youth. This girl might still be young but that doesn’t stop her from doing harder things beyond her age. She had a great physical training with Karate and Taekwondo by starting to take classes at the age of 3. She is so curious about her capabilities and always pushes her limits. Prior to the pandemic she was enrolled in competitive gymnastics. She was training after school 4 times a week for about 3hrs a day. She has a competitive nature and loves discovering what she is capable of. She can handle the pressure due to her positive outlook in life and perhaps due, in part, to being around calming animals such as horses and dogs. She can’t wait to go back to her horseback riding classes every summer and be reunited with her horse, Sassy.

Following the footsteps of her brother, she became interested in doing projects in front of the camera. Starting off with modeling, she quickly landed her first role at the age of 6 that advanced her in becoming a member of Actra. Most recently, she has worked in movies with Kevin Hart and Jason Momoa, including parts as the lead character’s best friend and stand-in, respectively. Having the chance to meet and talk to both Kevin and Jason inspired her even more to continue to pursue her dreams and to one day, become a superstar.