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Naleya Sayavong

Non Union

Unique is the word to be used to describe this little girl. Unique look, unique personality and unique story. Naleya is part of a world-travelling family. She has been to countless countries since she was in her mama’s belly. In fact, this baby girl was born a mere 2 days after her family got back from Hawaii. One can say she is very eager as she was born one month premature. She has, however, been strong and witty even as a toddler.

Even though she has been growing up and spending the first years of her life in a pandemic, it never affected her social skills. She is the friendliest girl in diapers you will ever meet! She has been on movie sets as a baby, following her brother and sister on set. She is also a natural when it comes to modeling. She has been featured in many fashion clothing lines and ads. She is definitely not shy to be in front of the camera, as she has gone live on YouTube and Facebook all the time with her mama.

Naleya might still be a toddler, but she was born to perform. Already she is doing things like taking online ballet classes with her sister, or to acting classes with her brother. Naleya will continue to shine in the performing arts. She is the kind of toddler that will run towards the camera and the kind of friend that keeps the mic to herself during karaoke night. All in all, this little girl has nothing but love to give whether you are an adult, a kid or even a furry animal. Naleya loves horses, and her best friend/ babysitter is her dog XO.