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Nancy Qiuyi Zhou

Non Union

Nancy Zhou is currently working as a stage actor and will be performing at the Highlands Summer Festival in Haliburton in July 2023, playing Amanda in 4000 Miles, directed by Scot Denton and written by Amy Herzog. Her on-screen work mostly lies in the commercial world, which has been a great way to diversify her acting resume, with on set and stage experience.

She is an alumni of the University of Waterloo Theatre and Performance Program, where she gained extensive training for stage acting, as well as a graduate of the Vancouver FIlm School Acting Essential program that helped her transition to an on-screen actor. She also has a strong interest and an undeniable talent in voice acting and is currently working with Christian Potenza.

Nancy was born in Shenzhen, China and grew up mostly in the Greater Toronto Area. Growing up as a young Asian girl who moved around quite often and found it difficult in school, she turned to arts as a place for freedom and power. She started off as a dancer and was featured on Family Show (Shenzhen Satalie TV) as a guest star at 5 years old, and eventually lead to an opportunity to play a leading character in a kids drama in China, where she found her true passion lies in acting for both on stage and camera, as well as behind a microphone.

On her spare time, she likes to read the bible, travel, and enjoys hitting the gym regularly. She is also a big fan of anime and action movies. In fact, that’s where her biggest aspiration as an actor came from. She is also bilingual, speaks fluent Mandarin and English.