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Naomi Bowen

Non Union

Naomi Bowen (she/her) is a young aspiring artist that using her work ethic to make an impact not only for herself, but for her community! Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Naomi currently fuels her dance journey by living in New York City pursuing a degree in Commercial Dance at Pace University. Prior to that Naomi grew up training at Joanne Chapman School of Dance where she was a competitive dancer for 10+ years training in multiple styles such as : ballet, jazz, tap, acro, contemporary, hip hop, and musical theatre.

Naomi is always willing to put her best foot forward in any room she walks into, making it a positive atmosphere and ensuring it it filled with nothing but joy and laughter! Naomi has had a glimpse of the industry working with Toronto artists such as Linda Garneau, Mitch Jacks, Tatiana Parker; and US based artists like Derek Piquette, Al Blackstone, Corey Snide, Suzi Taylor, Miles Keeny and many more. Naomi had just been in a short film for Toronto film-maker Alicia K. Harris where she is featured as an ensemble dancer on pointe for the film entitled “On a Sunday at 11”. When she is not dancing she loves to sing (Alto), cook, or teach dance to the future generation.

Naomi may be small, but she is indeed a mighty force that everyone will want to work with! Naomi is very grateful for the support system she has internationally and values every opportunity to be constantly growing and learning. Her motivation stems from her mom and a quote by Tim Notke that states “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. ” In her future she sees herself being bi-costal and internationally hopefully touring with an artists, company works, and broadway! Naomi is a very determined force that will never stop believing in what she wants to accomplish; with hopes of inspiring a new generation of dance!