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Nasir Afriyie

Non Union

Nasir (he/him) was born in Toronto, ON, Canada on September 22nd, 2009. As a newborn, Nasir had so much character to him. He was always curious about music and characters on the small screen. At the age of 3, Nasir started showing a lot of interest in acting and would constantly ask questions about actors and how they’re on TV. He would mimic characters on TV shows and movies that he enjoyed. A lot of adults around him would tell his parents to put him in acting as he seems to be good at creating storylines for the characters he’ll watch and act it out if put to the challenge.

With his continuous persistence in wanting to be on screen and become an actor, his parents decided to grant him his wish. He enjoys the process of acting and learning new techniques to help him with connecting with the characters he auditions for and also play in class. Spring of 2018 Nasir had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing independent film called Big Little Army, which he really enjoyed.