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Natalie Smith


Natalie Smith is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist. Natalie began dancing at the age of 3 at Allegro School of Dance in Oakville, Ontario where she trained in styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, acro and tap. Natalie grew up competing in countless dance competitions and has won numerous awards. She now continues her training in the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University, and is expected to graduate in the year of 2021. Within the Performance Dance Program, Natalie trains in styles including, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, street dance and African.

Natalie has performed in numerous live shows over the years. Throughout her experience in the Performance Dance program at Ryerson University she has performed in shows including, Enchoreo, Ryerson Dances and Choreographic Works. Natalie has also performed in Dance Ontario and The Next Step live tour. Her diversity as a performer has landed her dancing roles in various films and TV shows including, ​A GATHERING​ premiered in Fall for Dance North The Flip Side, ​In the Tall Grass,​ ​Backstage,​ ​Backstage Studio Pass​, ​A Nutcracker Christmas​ and ​The Next Step.

Throughout Natalie’s training, she has had the privilege of working with exceptional teachers and choreographers. At Ryerson University, Natalie has trained with Vicki St Denis, Tanya Evidente, Louis Laberge, Kate Hilliard, Robert Glumbek and Arsenio Andrade, just to name a few. Natalie has also trained with Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbek, Alysa Pires and Johanna Bergfeldt at ProArteDanza summer intensive that she attended in the years of 2015, 2017 and 2019. Natalie has also trained with Kenny Pearl and Apolonia Velasquez at Kenny Pearl’s Emerging Artist Intensive.
Natalie has extensive dance training, which gives her the ability to take on various dance/movement roles in many performance genres. She has taken acting and singing courses, and can work confidently in speaking and voice roles.

Natalie is looking forward to continuing her artistic journey and is excited to take on opportunities that come her way.