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Nathaniel Gosselin

Non Union

Nathaniel Gosselin started his dance training at a small family studio in Victoria BC when he was about thirteen. Starting with Hip Hop he slowly became more and more interested in the world of dance. It wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he made the decision to dive in and pursue dance as a career. At that point dance became his life. He was determined to grow, learn, and experience everything he could as fast as he could. Within that same year he attended his first audition which ultimately led to his first professional job.

He has now been working in the industry for over a decade. Starting out with cruise ships and building his resume to include work with multiple different pop singers, commercials, club performances, concerts and now settling into the world of film and television here in Vancouver. Some of his credits include work on “Once Upon A time”, “The Magicians”, “Haters Back Off” and “Freaky Friday”.

During Gosselin’s career he has had some incredible opportunities to learn and perform in many new genres. In addition to dance he has also worked as an aerialist, a juggler, and a model.

What started as a way to disconnect from the dramas of teenage life quickly transformed into a flourishing career that carried Gosselin all over the world. Gosselin is passionate about progress and is always learning new things as he continues to build his resume with exciting new work.