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Esteban Palacio, better known as El Niño, is an emerging multi-faceted creative whose personal brand @eldivinenino has garnered tens of millions of views online and built a following of over two hundred thousand people from across the world. He creates original content including self produced skits aimed at helping viewers deal with the challenges of modern life, as well as educational content centred around mindfulness, spirituality, & mental health.

Niño began his formal acting training at the age of seven at the Stagecraft Theatre School for three years, and continued his training for another three years at John Robert Powers Acting Institute. By 11 years old Niño was acting in commercials, booking the lead role in several productions & a couple minor speaking roles in tv & film. However his passions led him away from film and tv during his teenage years and towards music and writing, where he would develop his skills as a poet, creative writer, and artist.

Furthering his academic career Niño completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology with a minor in counselling, while also making waves in the local Vancouver Hip Hop scene, performing at one of the city’s iconic venues, The Roxy.

Today, Niño re-emerges as a member of da Costa Talent eager to explore the depths of the human condition within the field of acting.