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Noam Levi

Non Union

Noam is a 15-year-old singer, dancer, actor, and performer who loves being on camera and has a bewildering stage presence. Noam’s passion for singing and acting began early on. As a youngster, he would spend hours singing and dancing and by the age of four he had his first live performance in front of 400 people performing Bon Jovi’s hit song: “It’s My Life”.

At the age of six, Noam had his first Hollywood movie called “Pay the Ghost”, where he acted in a scene with Nicolas Cage. Noam then moved on to be on the set of the movie “Pixels” with Adam Sandler as a double. For his first international commercial, he was casted as a lead in an ad for the motor company “Opel”. This ad was broadcasted on national TV and social media.

For his first TV series, Noam was casted for a role in an episode of the popular TV series “Fear Thy Neighbor” streaming on CRAVE and multiple other channels. In addition, Noam had numerous lead credits in musical theatre plays, including Aladdin and High School Musical, as well as participating in multiple acting workshops from Caroline’s Talent and more.

Meanwhile doing all this, Noam joined Sunrise Dance Academy and started dancing ballroom and hip-hop. He began competing at the age of eight in local and international competitions, winning several awards including a national title at the age of Nine. Since then, his love for hip-hop and dancing keeps growing as he finds ways to incorporate dancing with his own music; and even finding ways to act through dance.

In 2019, Noam joined the MINI POP KIDS, Canada’s #1 kid’s music group as a dancer, singer, and social media influencer. Since then, he has appeared across their platforms where he recorded music, video clips, commercials for Walmart and performed live while touring in Canada and the US; as well as being interviewed in several news station channels.

Outside of performing, Noam is a great athlete and enjoys skateboarding, playing basketball and spending time with family and friends. He finds himself most creative and passionate in music when accompanied by a guitar, which he taught himself how to play during quarantine. He also loves playing the drums and exploring new and creative ways to create music and incorporating it into acting.