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Nyla Nestor

Non Union

Nyla is an extraordinary young talent with a natural dance ability. She has been dancing since she was just 6 months old and started formal training at the age of 3. Nyla’s passion lie in hip hop, Krump, and lyrical dance, and she competes in these styles at a competitive level. Not only is Nyla a talented dancer, but she is also incredibly active and loves participating in sports such as gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and swimming. Her energetic and positive attitude makes her a great team player and a natural leader.

Nyla’s multicultural background adds to her uniqueness. Being of mixed Filipino Haitian and French Canadian heritage, she embraces her diverse roots. Her first language is French, followed by English and a bit of Filipino.
Nyla’s talents have already opened up several exciting opportunities for her. She has been selected for a Foot Locker Campaign in September 2021, which is a fantastic platform for showcasing her skills. Additionally, her dance videos have gone viral on Instagram, catching the attention of none other than Beyonce’s mother, who reposted one of her performances.

In her dance studio, Nyla has received numerous awards for her dedication, including Most Improved, Team Player, and Student of the Month. She has also made appearances on TV shows like the Marilyn Denis show, where she showcased her skills as a hair model. Even during the pandemic lockdown, Nyla’s dance videos made it to CP24, gaining widespread recognition.
Nyla’s talent extends beyond dancing. She recently auditioned for The Raptor Little Ballers and impressed the judges so much that she received the Golden Ticket, securing her spot in the finals. Most recently, she had the incredible opportunity to dance with Shawn Desman a her Simply Swagg Dance studio.

Nyla draws inspiration from legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber. Her ability to spread joy through her dance became evident when her family started posting videos every Friday for “Feel Good Friday.” The response was overwhelming, with many people reposting, commenting, and sharing Nyla’s videos, expressing how her performances brightened their day.

With her undeniable talent and the support of her family, Nyla is ready to reach for the stars and continue shining through her gifts.