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Oliver Moniz

Non Union

Oliver Moniz began his artistic career at the age of 11 with breakdancing lessons in Mississauga, Ontario. Dance instantly became a top priority as it motivated him towards high school/university competitions and street cyphers. He continued to expand his knowledge of different dance styles such as popping, hip-hop, house and locking through a mentorship program called Footnotes by Mariano “Glizzi” Abarca and Andrew “Pyro” Chung.

He was recently featured on TMZ and competed in the live audition process of World of Dance Season 2 with Reverb Crew. He has also been showcased in different community events across the Greater Toronto Area such as Urban Rumble, Ontario’s University Competition for Hip-hop, The Academy, Bring Your Own Beat, and Final Stretch Dance Competition.

Oliver continues to strive for proficiency in his relentless pursuit of dance, acting and performance arts. He is always looking for new ways to diversify his abilities through education and different mentorship programs.