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Patience Windsor

Non Union

Patience (she/her) is a well mannered, spirited Afro-Indigenous (Heiltsuk First Nations) child who loves making new friends and exploring new experiences. From the moment she was born she has had this magnetic, loveable personality that draws people close to her. Patience loves spending time with family and friends.

Patience has a passion for the performing arts whether it’s attending and performing at her hip-hop studio or at home in front of a camera. She was awarded the Energy Excellence Award and student of the month by her studio director and teachers.You will often catch her singing and dancing around the house listening to her favourite songs or tv shows. Patience also loves playing make believe with her dolls and recording videos. She is excellent at memorizing songs and lines from her favourite shows and movies. Patience has an eye for
fashion and loves dressing herself and dolls in style. She makes sure her clothes colour coordinates and are appropriate for the activities or events of the day.

Patience is a year-round athlete who is an excellent 4 stroke swimmer and very fast runner. Patience came in first in cross country for her school and third for the whole region. She also loves to learn new things and challenge herself whether it’s learning about her many different cultural backgrounds (Heiltsuk First Nations, Black Nova Scotian or British/Irish/Ukrainian), the basketball or tennis court, piano lessons, music class, gymnastics, math, literacy, or building lego. Patience loves traveling, camping and hiking in nature alongside her mom. While on these adventures she is not shy in front of the camera and loves making Instagram stories about them. She has the Patience and determination to do anything she puts her mind to.