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Patrick Russell

Non Union

The best word to describe Patrick is versatile. He is an actor, singer, comedian, improv performer, show host, writer, drama educator, and former National champion in track and field. Patrick honed his physical skills, vocal skills, and mastery of authentic Caribbean dialects in his native country of Trinidad before immigrating to Canada as a teenager.

Upon completing his athletic career as a decathlete, Patrick went into teaching. His love of the Arts led him to take courses in dramatic performance and writing. He has analyzed scenes, edited scripts, taught improv fundamentals, and critiqued dramatic performances with hundreds of students. Patrick worked tirelessly on mastery of his skills for over a decade and now performs regularly at professional comedy shows and festivals. In his first musical audition, he landed the lead role of Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and blew audiences away with his powerful vocals, comedic timing, and physicality while in character.

Patrick looks forward to delighting audiences with his genuine and realistic performances which are strengthened by his many years of preparation and dedication to the craft.