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Paxton Nair


Paxton is a dancer, singer, actor, and performer who thrives when he has an audience. From the age of 3, it was apparent that he had the need to play, jump, climb, dance, and just move in general. It was his parents’ challenge to find different avenues to direct that energy.

Paxton has a natural physical ability and has shown the talent to thrive in any activity in which he was placed. From sports such baseball, soccer, and basketball to activities like skateboarding, cycling, and rock climbing – Paxton has excelled in them all. But it was dance that really drew him in, especially once he was exposed to the world of hip hop and breakdancing with a prominent leader and coach.

Music also plays a large role in Paxton’s life having had early exposures to choral singing with the well-known Amabile Boys’ Choir at the age of seven; to initial piano lessons which then led to him teach himself how to play music of his own choosing; to acting camps and instruction at Original Kids summers camps and with LB Acting Studios.

These experiences led Paxton to his exciting first opportunity in front of the camera when he chosen to be part of the CBC Kids’ television show, Ukulele U. This showcased Paxton’s personality, dancing ability, musicality, and comfort with performing.

Paxton was also able to be part of live theatre as a part of the cast of the highest grossing show to ever play at The Grand Theatre in London, ON – Elf: The Musical. Performing as part of the children’s chorus, with a small speaking role, Paxton had the experience of singing, dancing, and acting on a nightly basis.

In 2023, Paxton joined the MINI POP KIDS, Canada’s #1 Kids Music Group and has been recording music with them and playing in front of sold-out audiences.  He also appears across their platforms as a singer, dancer, and social media personality.

Paxton continues to work on improving his skills with ongoing lessons and practice in acting, dancing, singing, music, and vocals, with the goal of further advancing his dreams of acting and performing.