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Rajan Tariwal


With a unique aesthetic that holds a presence on screen, Rajan Tariwal stands out in the world of acting for the depth and authenticity he brings to every role. Rajan’s dedication to the craft began to crystallize from high school drama productions to professional on-camera classes, where he discovered the transformative power of performance. The thrill of breathing life into a story sparked a flame that has grown into a roaring fire. To this day, Rajan is ceaselessly honing his skills, training rigorously both in and out of major studios. His commitment to the craft led him to the renowned LB acting studio, where he workds closely with eminent acting coaches, delving into the nuances of character and scene work to refine his performances.

As a performer, Rajan is known for his relentless commitment to preparation and authenticity. His ability to imbue each character with a sense of lived-in truth speaks to his belief in acting as a vessel for storytelling. This dedication to authenticity has not gone unnoticed. Rajan recently brought his charisma to a national audience with a memorable appearance in a national commercial for Lay’s Chips.

As Rajan continues to carve his path through the entertainment industry, he carries with him a promise to honour every script as a new adventure, every role a chance to explore the depths of human experience, and every performance as a pledge to honour the responsibility of storytelling. With an eye always looking toward the next challenge, Rajan Tariwal stands ready to leave an incredible mark on the world of acting.