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Rami Al-Qeisi


Rami Al-Qeisi (he/him) is a Toronto-based actor who is originally from Bethlehem, Palestine. He moved to Toronto in 2002, when he was 8 months old with his parents and older sister. Since his middle school days, Rami harbored a passion to pursue acting. It was during his junior year in high school that he enrolled in acting classes at Alza Acting Studio, igniting a profound love and unwavering passion for the art form.

After graduating high school, he applied and auditioned for Toronto Film School, where he got accepted. He graduated from Toronto Film School (graduated with honours and presidents list status) in the Acting for TV, Film, and Theatre program in 2022, where he has expanded his knowledge and experience with acting by doing scene studies and character work such as 12 guideposts and 9ws. He obtained an education in acting, which helped him draw an insight on the profession. During this process he mastered a wide range of techniques, from mastering body language and breath control to refining vocal expression. Exploring realms such as clowning, improvisation, and on-camera drama enriched his skill set significantly. This training equipped him with the necessary tools to convincingly embody characters and excel in various performance scenarios. His dedication to embracing diverse learning avenues highlights his profound commitment to the craft. He acted in scene studies at Toronto Film School such as All My Sons directed by Lauren Brotman and Seventeen directed by Rosanna Saracino where he played “Chris Keller” and “Tom”. Rami directed, produced, and edited his own short film, alone. He was coached by multiple professionals in the industry including Rosanna Saracino, Lauren Brotman, Jonathon Higgins, Jonathon Cherry, John Tench and much more.

His most recent performances were in a short film called Dinosaurs where Rami played the lead role “Domenic” directed by Trent Scherer. He also performed in a play called Flowers for Alex at the Tarragon Theatre where he played the lead role “Jesse” directed by Shan Fernando which won “Best New Play” and he won “best performer in a play” at the Broadway Regional Awards 2022. In another compelling role, he portrayed “Judas” in Jude, Jury, Judas directed by Rosanna Saracino performed at Rick Bennett theatre. His versatility extended beyond the stage, as he showcased his talent in various short films including Class a solution, One more day (which was screened at the Tiff Lightbox), Puppets and much more. His first acting gig was for a Weed Out the Risk PSA, where he enjoyed every moment onset and the long hours. Rami is fluent in English and Arabic; he can also do a range of accents.

Rami is now an ACTRA Apprentice and is currently continuing to improve his skills at LB Acting Studio, and taking private piano classes, as well as auditioning for every available opportunity, he’s leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of success. His love for acting stems from the incredible adaptability it offers, allowing him to embody a diverse range of characters, from humans to creatures and beyond.

Other than performing and improving his skills, Rami enjoys weightlifting, basketball, soccer, boxing, cooking, reading, video games and going out for runs. He also enjoys exploring numerous films and different genres, as well as directing.