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Rhys Gutierrez

Non Union

Rhys Gutierrez (she/her) was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and started her dance journey and training as a performer at a young age. Rhys is most well known for her performance alongside Justin Bieber in 2016 on his Purpose Tour stop in Vancouver and for being on the competitive international dance team Apprentice, based out of Studio604.

Throughout her years of training she has learned from and been mentored by choreographers Joe Tuliao, Prince Nii Engmann, and Malia McMullen, training in various hip-hop genres, jazz, and contemporary techniques. As part of Illustrative Society, directed by Joe Tuliao, she gained experience putting on local shows and travelling across Canada for showcase performances.

Rhys is now expanding her training and knowledge internationally in Los Angeles, to follow her desire of becoming a professional industry dancer. She started her international training with Kolanie Marks and Antoine Troupe in their KreativMndz training program and has begun attending several dance conventions. She is now sharpening up her skills with The Room and Troupe Dance Company training facilities, while taking drop-in classes from choreographers in the city.

Rhys is complimented for her musicality, textures, dynamics, diversity, stage presence, and storytelling while she dances, and adaptability when being worked with. She uses the art of dance as her outlet of self-expression. She is an incredible performer and captivates the audience with her stage presence and energy whenever she hits the stage.