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Richard O’Sullivan


Richard O’Sullivan is a man who has been blessed with the gift of dance since his early years. Originally his world was all about football- he started at the early age of five and continued until he graduated from high school. He loved to dance but didn’t see a future in it at that time. In 1994 he took a trip to Los Angeles to see what the dance scene was all about. It was there that the dance bug got him, and he never looked back.

Richard has since had the pleasure to have traveled to different parts of the world to choreograph, teach, and perform, notably Tokyo, Amsterdam, Slovenia, Germany, and all through North America. He has built a reputation as one of Canada’s most respected dancers and choreographers, with an intricate, smooth style that has always been current and cutting edge. His performance career includes a long list of credits in film, television, commercials and live stage performances as a choreographer, actor and dancer.