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Romy Sanchez

Non Union

Romy began training in street dance at the age of eight and his natural talent for performing became immediately apparent. Romy trains hard to develop strong fundamental street foundations and excels at styles such as waacking, krump, popping, animation, new jack, locking, lite feet and hip hop. Performing both choreography and freestyle are strengths. Romy loves entering dance battles and has a strong understanding of musicality and movement.

Romy is currently training with multiple companies including Higherground- a hip hop training group under the direction of Natasha Gorrie and Bryce Koebel, Minibots – a popping crew under the direction of AJ Megaman and he also takes class at The Studio North where he learns from some of Vancouver’s top choreographers.

Highlights of Romy’s accomplishments include winning gold at the Hip Hop International qualifier in Canada and then going on with his team Queen Bz to win silver at the Hip Hop International final competition. Romy also appeared on NBC’s World of Dance Season 3 with his team Minibots.

When Romy isn’t dancing he loves to spend time with his friends and family. He enjoys scootering, working on his flips and tricks, boating, fishing and swimming. Romy’s humour and positive attitude when dancing is infectious to the people around him.