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Rotem Fenichel

Non Union

Rotem Fenichel is an Israeli-born actor who has garnered a reputation for her versatile and engaging performances on stage and screen. She has received training at prestigious studios such as LB Acting Studios and The Lighthouse Acting Studio to hone her craft. Her expressive voice has been featured in several projects including “Presence of Love” and “Batman and Robin” (Motion Comics). She is also an actor, director, and producer with Itty Bitty Skitch Committee (YouTube Channel), where she showcases her multifaceted talents.

Rotem is known for delivering captivating performances in roles such as “East of Berlin” on stage and “Erotic Power” on screen. She has also demonstrated her skills in directing and acting simultaneously while bringing heart and humour to the production of “Friend-ish”.

Keep an eye out for Rotem’s exciting contributions coming to both stage and screen.