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Ruby Jang

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Ruby Jang is a Korean-Canadian actress and martial artist. She has been physically active for her entire life from taekwondo, dance, kickboxing as well as yoga which she has been doing since the age of 5. She is a black-belt in taekwondo and her relationship with dance adds up to 4 years of experience in all areas: jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, k-pop, hip-hop, and ballet. Ruby has taken part in a wide range of performances from singing recitals, piano recitals, dance recitals, to local theatre plays. She has a strong background in theatre as a result of her participation in school, summer camps, and extracurriculars.

Some of her most memorable performances include “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” and “Freaky Friday” at the City Playhouse Theatre where she played and sang as supporting roles. Fear and discomfort is her biggest motivator and will trigger her into action. She finds thrill in anything new and faces every challenge with positivity. Ruby loves leaving her comfort zone to do ordinary things with extraordinary will. During her spare time, she will either be doing nothing or climbing Mount Everest (which sums up her entire personality). She can find risk in simplicity but also peace during chaos which serves as an excuse for her impulsive and yet introverted attitude.
Ruby partakes in vocal coaching, and continues to train in martial arts in hopes to specialize in performing her own stunts…someday.