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Ryan McEwen


Since childhood, performing arts have dominated all facets of Ryan McEwen’s life. Starting at a young age taking piano lessons, Ryan quickly fell in love with music. Shortly after, he took his first tap class and immediately fell in love with dance. This passion opened the door to all sorts of opportunities.

Immediately after moving to Vancouver, aka Hollywood North, Ryan was able to work closely with renowned director Kenny Ortega on the hit Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms. Kenny inspired him to pursue acting. Ryan has since trained with some of Vancouver’s top acting coaches; Beatrice King in her professional on-screen class and her young adult company class, as well as with Starlise Waschuk, James Kot, Carmela Sison, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Andrew McIlroy and Clare Filipow. This extensive training has led him to exciting on-screen opportunities on Prom Pact (Disney+) and Festival of the Living Dead (FOX), as well as his largest role to date playing Roy on Grease: Rise of the Pink ladies (Paramount+) in a seven episode recurring role. Recently, Ryan has developed a new love for singing. Working closely with esteemed vocal coach Sylvia Zaradic, he has found a true passion for singing, diving back into the world of piano, guitar and theater.

Ryan owes his industry successes to his first passion, dance. Starting his training at a young age in Edmonton, he is trained in all dance styles including tap, jazz, ballet, musical theatre and hip-hop. He trained extensively with Alexander Chung at the Kore Dance Studio, which made him realize dance could be more than just a passion. Ryan has had the pleasure of competing and winning at the world’s most prestigious dance competitions such as Hip Hop International, Vibe, BodyRock and Dancers Paradise. He currently trains with the team NORTHSIDE under the direction of Adrian Vendiola and Kelvin Tu. He has also had the pleasure of being a part of TWOFOURSEVEN, Cool Giraffes and has trained extensively with Roberta Bierman, Scott Forsyth and his original mentor, Randall Mella. Ryan has had the honour of working with top industry choreographers such as Jamal Sims, Kenny Ortega, Paul Becker, Louis Hradsky and Jeffrey Mortensen.

Throughout his Life, Ryan has always strived for excellence in every endeavor he takes on. Whether it was arts, athletics or academia, his work ethic and positive attitude hurdle him towards success. He firmly believes through hard work, kindness and investing in yourself, anything is possible.