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Salma Victoria

Non Union

“Her talent was undeniable. Her strength, attention to detail, athleticism, technique and pure joy for dance really shines through in all of her movement.” ~ Melissa Mitro

Salma has carried the vision and drive of dancing professionally from a young age. Her talent, stage presence and discipline has awarded her the experiences of dancing on Holly Hobbie, being featured in; the annual remount of Light Heavy Light, a charitable show for The Lighthouse for Grieving Children, and HAPA’s production of “The Nutcracker”. She’s also appeared in commercials, student films and music videos.

Salma is currently training under TV/FILM choreographer, JJ Moore. She’s fortunate to be mentored by the program’s extended industry professional guests including; Roberto Campanella, Lisa Stevens, Hollywood Jade, Jeff Dimitriou, Amy Wright, Jennifer Nicholas, Lara Azzopardi, Rachael Schaefer, Nathan Espejo and Mitch Jackson.

She is the recipient of numerous scholarships and overall awards; Runner Up at the American Dance Awards, 1stplace at Onstage NY, Best Technique Award at Embrace Dance Competition, 2nd Overall at Sheer Talent are a few of her dance accomplishments.

Despite having a passion for dance, Salma also trains vocally and has participated in music festivals such as the Oakville Vocal Arts Festival. She is presently part of her Drama Club at her high school and will soon start working on their first production.

“Salma brings valuable energy to the room. She’s spirited in a way that energizes everyone involved and focused to deliver the vision of the piece from big-picture to the specific details of executing each step. Creatively speaking, her instincts are spot on per choreographer. As talented as she is, she’s equally disciplined and reliable. I have every confidence that she’ll have a full and successful career as a performer”. ~JJ Moore