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Sarah Yang

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Sarah Yang is a Chinese-Canadian bilingual film and stage actress. She was born in Vancouver and raised in Xi’an and Shanghai, China, and has been assimilating to diverse cultural environments that shaped her unique identity. Her upbringing has greatly influenced her artistic development as she strives to stay true to the dual cultural heritage she represents among Asian Canadians.

Sarah’s fascination with acting began in high school and led her to attend the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts for professional training. She honed her craft at the Playwrights Horizons Theater School and Atlantic Acting School, learning essential elements and techniques of theatre performance, and at Stonestreet Studios, where she delved into the world of film and television acting. Graduating in the summer of 2022 with honors, she earned a BFA in Acting and a minor in Entertainment Business.

While Sarah thrived in off-Broadway productions and workshops, she also immersed herself in the NYC indie filmmaking scene. Her starring role in the cringe-comedic short film “No Other Gods But Me” was screened at numerous local and international film festivals, earning several accolades. Most notably, an honorable jury mention at the esteemed Atlanta Film Festival, which qualifies films for the Academy Awards.

Outside of her acting career, Sarah can be found at the gym, often lifting something pretty heavy.
She also takes delight in exploring her culinary passion, especially in making and testing Asian
street food, which brings her nostalgic memories of her second home. This career holds a special place in Sarah’s life as both a mental sanctuary and a playground. Acting has provided her with a distinct mix of strength and vulnerability that she finds incredibly liberating. She aspires to reach great heights within the industry and contribute to its future as much as she can.