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Savannah Noelle

Non Union

Savannah Noelle (she/her) has been an outgoing, social butterfly from the moment she could speak. She quickly developed a love for languages and is currently enrolled in a French Immersion program. Savannah is caring, determined and curious – always looking for her next adventure! She is up for the challenge, whether it’s conquering a high ropes course, ziplining, posing for a selfie with a snake, or practicing her massive cannonball splash.

Savannah has starred on several children’s television shows on various networks including CBC Kids, Family Jr. and TVOKids, most notably voicing the role of Nia on the animated PBS series Lyla in the Loop. Savannah has filmed commercials for TD Insurance, Downy Unstoppables, BC Powder, Eyewords, Metro & Walmart. Savannah has also appeared on The Good Stuff with Mary Berg as a model. She recently received the Fearless Award at her gymnastics meet for tackling new obstacles head-on.

Always looking to improve herself, Savannah enjoys learning new skills and adding to her impressive repertoire. She completed an 8-week acting course with Leblanc School of Acting and several voiceover workshops with DemoManiacs. After performing in her school musical, she developed a love for being on stage and is currently enrolled in Musical Theatre classes. No stranger to large crowds, Savannah has sung the national anthem in French at a Forge FC game and performed a solo at her piano recital.

Savannah is a year-round athlete who likes to participate in various sports, proudly representing her school at cross-country meets. On the weekend you can find her at the swimming pool, ice rink, basketball court or on the mats practicing her handstands and cartwheels. In the summer you may even catch her out fishing with her aunt!

A lover of music who is exploring piano lessons, Savannah’s playlist is just as eclectic and unique as she is! Being raised in a Guyanese & Jamaican household she has strong ties to her Caribbean roots and a healthy appreciation for reggae and soca music. She loves to get her hands dirty in the kitchen and help her parents make festival and roti from scratch — when she’s not hanging out with her little brother.

Savannah’s well-rounded achievements reflect her commitment to both the arts and athleticism—an ambitious, spirited, and compassionate kid whose energy can be felt on and off camera. Savannah is truly a joy to work with!