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Selena Zuri

Non Union

Selena Zuri (she/her) is a singer, dancer, and model from Toronto, Canada. Selena’s natural born talent was evident to her family when she began singing and dancing as a toddler. Selena has an intense love of music and has showcased her talents for live audiences since the age of 10. Selena has a dance background in jazz, ballet, acro, hip hop, dancehall, afro and continues training in all genres. She has danced competitively since the age of 11 and has been featured in various music and dance videos. Selena has competed at the world finals of ‘World of Dance’ in Los Angeles with her former dance crew ‘The Renegades’. Selena has been an ambassador for Adidas, Sportchek as well as the “Believe” initiative founded by Canadian Olympian Sarah Wells.

Selena is vocally trained in classical music, though she also loves expressing herself through all genres, especially pop, soul, alternative and R&B. She loves to compose and write her own music. Selena has an immense love for musical theatre. Selena was part of all four high school musicals while attending Cawthra Park SS of the arts. She was casted as the lead role in her graduating year playing Matilda.
Selena has played roles in three short films acting, singing and dancing. Selena plays the lead ‘Kaleah’ in the dramatic short film ‘Las Olas’.
Selena is committed to raising awareness about social issues. She inspires others to be true to themselves and to know their inner worth and beauty. She aspires to share her story and have a positive influence in the world as she strives to express herself in music, dancing and acting.

You can follow Selena’s journey on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – @SELENAZURI