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Shabbir Barez


Shabbir Barez moved to Canada when he was only 6 months old. His parents were originally from Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan where Shabbir and all of his brothers were born. He grew up athletic, playing sports such as basketball and soccer, studying the martial art hapkido, always with a strong focus on keeping good grades in school. 

Shabbir has always dreamed of bring on the big screen, with a curiosity of what it would like to be an actor, and be a character that people admire or relate to. This curiosity led him to begin his training with Tricities Film Studio where he studies in-depth scene work, fundamentals of acting and on-camera skills with Lisa Durupt, Jenessa Galbraith and Jennifer Rose Garcia.

Known by his friends for his great sense of humour, Shabbir has a wealth of funny special skills including wiggling his ears and making water droplet sounds.