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Shanaya Patel

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Rising singer/songwriter Shanaya Patel, from Mississauga, Ontario is on a passionate path of bringing her music to a worldwide audience. At just 6 years old, Shanaya performed for her first audience at the University of Toronto-Mississauga.  “I thought I would just sing, but people started clapping for me, I realized I loved it and people were listening.”

Realizing she wanted to pursue music more seriously, Shanaya became the youngest member in a local All-Star Band.  “Here I was, so young, and performing my favourite songs, with a live band and taking my cues.  Being on that stage felt electric.   Performing with hundreds of people watching is a strange kind of euphoria – there’s nothing like that feeling!”

Shanaya is no stranger to the Toronto music scene. “I love how innovative and ahead Toronto is and I’m lucky to know and collaborate with many top creatives in the industry that help me hone my skills as a musician and performer.” Shanaya has performed at venues such as Danforth Music Hall, The Opera House, and the Metro-Toronto Convention Center.  Shanaya wrote her first song at age 11.  “Growing up, I’ve realized it’s a big world out there and no matter who anyone is, we can all feel strong on the outside, but vulnerable inside.  We’re all trying to figure out life and where we fit in.”

When you listen to Shanaya’s music, you can hear and feel the creative outlet and therapeutic tones.  “When I finish writing a song about a specific situation, it doesn’t seem to bother me anymore; it’s like a page in a book. One of the biggest compliments I received about my song “Alone” was that it made someone “sad about a relationship he’d not even been in yet!”  I love bringing emotions, atmosphere and vulnerability into my music. That’s the only way to harness the power of song-writing and put my best out into the world.”
Lush, deep vocals with grit and nuance are the essence of Shanaya’s art.   She takes a combination of her piano and pop roots, crafted in her studio oasis, to bring lyrics and melodies together.   Drawing inspiration from her various influences, Shanaya’s vocal and writing style exude notes from artists like Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, H.E.R. and Julia Michaels, to name a few.

Connecting with her fans and fellow musicians through social media is a vital part of Shanaya’s career.  Shanaya’s YouTube cover of “Issues” by Julia Michaels was nominated for MTV’s Cover of the Month in March 2017 and reached over 4.1 million votes. Shanaya continues to share new original music and connect with her fans and supporters on all social media platforms.

What’s next for Shanaya? After releasing her first single “Alone” in 2020, Shanaya is hard at work on new music with industry leaders in Toronto and is excited to share much more in the coming months.  “Quarantining in 2020 has actually been a cool, relaxed, vibrant time… It was actually a musician’s dream!  Seeing that time commitment pay off in 2021 and onwards has felt like a full-circle moment for me.  I want to bare my soul & create powerful art that is true, honest and relatable – I’ve got a lot to give.”