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Shay Kuebler


As a child of the 80’s, Shay Kuebler grew up with a passion for the Ninja Turtles and action movies. Naturally, this would bring him to martial arts, theatre and dance at the age of 5. As he became a professional performer and budding choreographer, his value for versatility and exposure to new things continued to grow. This connected to his belief that art and creativity are empowered through collaboration and continual rediscovery. He considers himself a very good generalist and is grateful for his experiences in numerous forms of dance, music, theatre and martial arts. He’s continued to invest in his interdisciplinary background through intensive study periods in Brazil, Japan, China and The USA in everything from Shaolin Kung Fu to Taiko Drumming.

Shay’s versatility as an artist has created opportunities to work as choreographer, movement director and director for both the screen and stage. Some of his choreography and directing highlights include: SEE, Psych, HP Computers, Bravo Fact, Ballet BC, Ballet Edmonton and Royal Caribbean Entertainment.

As a performer, Shay has worked as a principal actor, stunt performer, circus performer, dancer and percussionist. Some highlights include: Sonic 2, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, One Way, Like Mike 2, Another Cinderella Story, Spectacular, and Reefer Madness The Musical.

With Royal Caribbean Entertainment, Shay is a director and choreographer of the company’s largest and newest aqua productions. These aqua shows integrate divers, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, dancers and specialty performers in a state-of-the-art aqua theatre. With the company, he’s assisted in the creation of Fine Line and HIRO, and, most recently, was the creator and director of the newest and largest aqua production InTENse.

In 2014, Shay founded his performing arts company Radical System Art (RSA). RSA creates live dance-theatre works that look to captivate audiences through impactful themes, visceral physicality and rich visuals. As a director, choreographer, producer, composer and performer, Shay and RSA have created 7 full-evening shows that have toured all over the world. For Shay, RSA is a cradle for unbridled creativity and exploration.

Shay has lived and worked in Vancouver, BC, Canada, for 19 years. His range of experiences and training enable him to be an asset on any production. He feels immense purpose in creating and supporting others in their creative pursuits, and believes creativity is what makes us human. It is our greatest gift.