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Shayla Brown


Shayla Brown, a visually impaired actress celebrated for her outstanding contributions to film, television, and theatre, is making waves in the entertainment world with a trailblazing career that continues to captivate audiences and industry veterans alike.

Shayla’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of exceptional. Her standout supporting role in Sarah Polley’s masterpiece, “Women Talking,” cemented her status as a talent to watch. This critically acclaimed film garnered widespread praise and established Shayla as a force to be reckoned with.

Further showcasing her versatility, Shayla graced screens in the Apple TV original series, “See.” Her captivating presence and commanding performance in this high-profile production have garnered accolades from viewers and critics alike.

Shayla Brown’s star continues to rise in the world of Canadian theatre. She recently took center stage in the world premiere of George F. Walker’s “Orphans for the Czar” in Toronto, leaving a lasting impression with her powerful portrayal. Her compelling performances on stage reaffirm her status as a talent of immense promise in the Canadian theatre scene.

Notably, Academy Award nominee Sarah Polley, director of “Women Talking,” had this to say about her experience working with Shayla: “She brought this wisdom, vulnerability, and strength to her role. She was also deeply attuned to the dynamics in the room, which is so important on set. She’s incredibly generous, and she’s a couple of steps ahead of most actors. A lot of actors will bring up the problems they’re facing; Shayla also offers solutions, and that’s incredibly helpful as a director.”

With her talent and dedication, Shayla Brown’s star is on the rise, and the entertainment industry eagerly awaits her next captivating performance.