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Shel Sun

Non Union

After immigrating from China, Shel, with her rich background as a musician, singer, and actor, made a significant shift into the medical field. She devoted nine years of her life to working as a therapist at the Traumatic Brain Injury Center. This period was not just a career detour; it was a transformative journey that deepened her understanding of the complex emotional fabric of humanity. Embracing motherhood and welcoming two beautiful children further broadened her perspective, revealing the myriad challenges and boundless opportunities that life unfurls.

In her mid-thirties, Shel reached a pivotal milestone, graduating with an MA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Toronto. This accomplishment signified a determined resurgence into her acting career in Canada, a path she pursued with renewed vigor and passion.

2022 marked a notable year for Shel as she joined the Canadian Stage as a residency artist. During this residency, she wrote, directed, and acted in her theatre production “Unmute,” a poignant response to the rise in anti-Asian sentiment. This project was not just a professional endeavor but a personal crusade, weaving her artistic talents with her social consciousness.

Shel harbors a profound sense of gratitude for the diverse opportunities she has encountered in film and theatre. Stepping into the shoes of various characters, from mothers and sisters to friends and lovers, she has not only portrayed their stories with sincerity and depth but has also embarked on a journey of self-discovery. These roles have been instrumental in chipping away at her own biases and doubts, aiding her in the quest to uncover and embrace her true self.

Driven by a relentless desire for growth and fresh challenges, Shel looks forward with anticipation to her future projects. She remains steadfast in her commitment to her craft, continuously seeking to grow, evolve, and perfect her skills. Shel is eager to breathe life into more enthralling characters, captivating audiences on both stage and screen with her compelling performances.