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Shelby Sajko

Non Union

Shelby has been performing since she could walk; turning every dinner hour into a private show and captivating everyone watching. Shelby is a little ball of fire, with an energy that lights up every room.
She is a born entertainer and anyone who meets her can see her light and her passion.

At only 18 months of age, Shelby made her commercial debut with Fisher Price and since they let her keep the musical tea set, she was hooked.

Shelby started dancing at the age of two and was a stand out on the stage. Her smile is infectious and her caring, empathic and genuine personality draw people in. Her dance team has won numerous awards and accolades which provide the motivation Shelby needs to train so many hours a week.

Shelby is a well-balanced student, willing to try anything, and excels at everything she tries. Although busy with all of her dance and vocal lessons she still manages to achieve excellence in all of her studies and has been awarded annually for being a thriving member of her school community.

Shelby is an old soul who is well spoken and mature for her age, and yet she has the sweetest little voice and appearance, which make her appealing for any role.

She is excited to see where this new journey takes her because in a world that needs a hug, Shelby is just what is needed.