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Skye Rogers

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Skye Rogers is a multi-disciplinary performing artist, currently based in St. Catharines, Ontario. In December 2019, she graduated from the Randolph College for the Performing Arts as Valedictorian, as well as the recipient of the esteemed Triple Threat Award and Governor General’s Bronze Medallion. As of late, Skye is pursuing a Certificate in the Studies in Arts and Culture program at Brock University.

A deep love of community and a passion for connection through storytelling are the guiding principles at the root of everything Skye does; her most treasured projects being those that involve creative collaboration with other artists. In 2020, Skye was honoured to have worked alongside other emerging artists as a dancer/choreographer in the creation of a digital work entitled “Babel”, through Expect Theatre’s Beats + Intentions training program, and she is currently looking forward to being a part of Theatre Oculus’ Digital Creation Residency this summer. Throughout the years, Skye has also delighted in several opportunities with Toronto writing-duo Johnston & Johnson as an original cast member in several of their new musicals.

In her final year at Randolph, Skye got to participate in the Toronto Fringe Festival for the second time, playing the lead female role of Angela in the classic Commedia Dell’arte play “The King Stag” (directed by Matthew Walker). She also had the pleasure of playing Texas in their culminating musical production of “Cabaret” (directed by Liz Gilroy), also fulfilling the role as the Dance Captain.

As dance is her first love, Skye is a proud teacher and choreographer, both privately and at Ballet Etc. Studio located in the Niagara Region. Skye hopes to continue developing her choreography skills as she prepares to become an instructor at Annex Children’s Theatre summer camp in Toronto, as well as for her continuing role as Peggy in JIN’s music videos for their upcoming album, “Peggy and Her Ongoing Adventures in Wonderland”.

In the height of the pandemic in 2020, Skye took it upon herself to create a website as a creative outlet, as well as a digital portfolio of all things creative. It later evolved into a podcast for sharing thoughts and interviews with other artists, as well as an “arts club”, providing monthly creative prompts for anyone wanting to access their own creative expression and contribute to a final communal gallery! You can find it online at