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Stella Medley


Stella Medley (she/her) is a captivating performer who has won the hearts of audiences around the nation. Stella started at the age of 7 dancing at Jacqueline’s School of Dance training in acrobatics, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, etc. She knew in her heart that dance was the pathway for her, which led her to studying dance and completing her Bachelors in Fine Arts at Ryerson University – a school known for its prestigious dance training program. Stella was nominated and given an award by all her faculty members from The National Ballet and The Toronto Dance Theatre such as, Tanya Evidente, Karen Duplisea, Vicki St. Deny, Robert Glumbek, Kenny Pearl and Arsenio Andrade for hard work and dedication. After studying performance dance and excelling, Stella earned her BFA, from Ryerson University. Stella Medley has worked tirelessly to develop a unique style and technique, as well as to collaborate on various projects with artists from around the country and continent.

Stella’s been fortunate to work with innovative performers in the field and is constantly on the search for new and exciting opportunities. Stella has worked with one of the NBA’s leading Champions, The Toronto Raptors dance pak. Stella has also worked with one of the largest cruise lines, The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as an Acrobat Dancer. This path has pushed her to train with more fundamentals of street style, which lead her to training with Apalonia Velasquez, Footnotes Academy, with Pyro and Glizzi, The Vibe Exclusive, with George Jones, etc.. She continued training in Las Angeles, picking up new skills and growing her own movement style within. Stella is now working in the film/ television industry for dance, modelling and acting roles such as, Madam CJ Walker, Work it, Grand Army, etc..

Stella is an excellent teacher and mentor to many of the young students (and some of the less young ones too!) that she is blessed to teach and work with in studios and online as a competitive and recreational dance teacher and guest choreographer. She also loves to collaborate and share knowledge and experience with other professional and aspiring dancers. Stella has also taken the initiative to create her own company called “Let’s Get Cheeky”. This is an online program for ladies, in particular working moms and women who have always wanted to learn how to dance. The goal? For women to feel powerful, sensual and free. As Stella Continues to grow her company, her dance skills and her heart, she wants to share her experiences and the knowledge it’s provided her with others around her who aspire to grow within their technique, discipline, skills, hearts and joy of dance as well.

Stella is known for having an unforgettable, powerful impactful and dynamic style, which allows her to continue to do what she loves. Stella is an accomplished technical dancer, having the ability to range in many different dance styles and taking on any challenge given. If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration, style & work that drives Stella Medley to success, please visit her at and on Instagram @stella.medley