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Stephanie Yelovich

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Stephanie Yelovich is a dynamic and multi-faceted perfomer having begun her career in theatre and opera and is currently making a natural transition into the world of voice, film and tv.
Since the age of 8 she has performed in theatres and opera houses all over Canada and Europe but now spends most of her time in front of the camera, experimenting with sounds in her studio as well as in the booth!

With a special passion for singing, sound, music and voice work, Stephanie is in the process of creating and producing an album of experimental vocal music. She also teaches voice work and helps her clients and students to find and express their true voice and find vocal freedom. Stephanie is the co-owner of The Infinity Forge in Hamilton, ON: a creative media arts and recording studio for everyone.

Stephanie acted in and co-produced the short film Beat Nick, directed and shot by Michael Penny, that won 1st place in the 2019 Hamilton Film Festival Competition and also voiced the epic boss-lady Trixie Clementine in The Adventures of the Starship Coconut Podcast (Frequency Podcasts).

From the ages of 8-18, Stephanie trained in acting, dance, and voice at the Theatre Aquarius Performing Arts Programme and later became an instructor there for over 10 years. She then continued on to teach for Zamprogna Arts and now teaches The Art of the Self Tape and voice work regualrily in her studio and on zoom.
Stephanie is classically trained in voice and holds a BMus in Voice Performance and an Opera Diploma from Wilfrid Laurier University.

With many concepts and projects on the horizon, and with the expansion of the studio, she is looking forward to sharing her natural gifts and talents with the rest of the world.